Shalimar by Guerlain Paris
Shalimar by Guerlain Paris
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Shalimar is my mother's favorite scent. Dad discovered this scent and each Christmas purchased some version of this scent for Mom. Today, she is ready to part with some of it, "I'll never use it all!" Dad bought this bottle sometime between 1979 and 1984.

This Shalimar Parfum is in the traditional bottle, known as the fountain shaped bottle. The bottle for collectors. It features the blue glass stopper with Guerlain Paris written in 'gold' and a blue and gold twisted rope that winds around the bottle and the stopper, which were made for each other. The front of the bottle has a place for a Shalimar label on the front, which is missing. The bottom of the fluted base is embossed with the company name "GUERLAIN" NET CONT 1/4 FLOZ. along with a dot and the number 8.

Bottle measures 3" x 2" x 3/4" and holds 1/4 ounce of parfum. Lilac flocked box measures 4-1/4" x 2-3/4" x 1-1/4".

Some of the parfum has been used but most is still in the bottle and includes the original hinged, lilac flocked box with the bottle cut-out area. The box is in good shape with the flocking still velvety with only a small indentation in the top of the box, near the back. The bottle is in good shape with no chips or cracks.
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