Alexander-kins Jo March (Little Women Collection)
Alexander-kins Jo March (Little Women Collection)
SeatedJo's BackFace, Eyes still open an close...Slip with Crinoline Jo's BloomersShoes and SocksFront, UndressedBack, UndressedSkirt has slight discoloringShoulder Puff has black staining
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Jo is a nice little Madame Alexander doll from the Alexander-kins Little Women Collection. The 8"  Little Women Collection was part of the Storybook series made by Madame Alexander Company from 1955 to 1990. With jointed or Bent-Knee versions only between 1956 and 1973.

This doll could have been made anytime during this 17 year period. Bent-Knee Walkers were made 1956-1964 and Bent-Knee Non-Walkers were created 1965-1973. Although this doll does not appear to be a walker (her head does not move when legs are moved) but I am leaning toward her being in this generation rather than the Non-walkers based on the dress Jo is wearing. I have seen this dress on dolls marked pre 1964 and no doll photos dated after 1965 with this outfit. 

Jo is in very good shape with her head, legs and arms strung comfortably, or, If she is the 1959 version, then her walker mechanism is not in working condition. Her hair has become a bit 'frizzy' (like mine in my old age, so has hers), the puffy shoulders of her dress have a dark smudge on them and her dress has lightened/discolored in a couple of spots. Please see photos for your own assessment of condition. Stand not included.

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