Covered Butter Pat Dish - Cobalt Blue
Covered Butter Pat Dish - Cobalt Blue
Close up of Cherry Blossoms on Bottom of PlateBottom of Plate
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My best guess on this item is that it is a Covered Butter Pat Dish. Since finding a duplicate of this piece has been a challenge I believe this is a Jeannette Glass Company product, but not from the original 1930's production of this pattern but of the 1970's time period. However, it was added to our Cobalt Blue Glass collection in the 80's.

The plate portion is 5" in diameter with a scalloped edge (1 -1/3" scallop). Its upper surface is unadorned other than the 2-1/3" diameter raised lip. The bottom of the plate features a cluster of three cherries, on stems with two leaves in the center, surrounded my the classic Cherry Blossom pattern in a petal frame and divided by a long teardrop. 

The domed cover is nearly 3" in diameter and 2" high. The Cherry Blossom pattern is repeated on the dome.

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