Pearl Collar and Earring Set
Pearl Collar and Earring Set
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Posh looking demi parure faux pearl collar and earring set is marked only with the word "JAPAN" and is remarkably lovely.

Necklace consists of a textured faux gold link chain and beading pins loaded with faux pearl beads. Although each pin is made up of four beads there are three different designs:
(1) A graduated style including 2-6mm beads, 1-8mm bead and a 10mm bead and a dangling 10mm bead.
(2) Consists of 1-6mm bead and 3-8mm beads and the 10mm bead dangling beneath.
(3) Shorter with 1-6mm bead, 2-8mm beads on the pin and a 10mm dangle beneath.
There are a total of 29 of these 5-bead pins. And 4 (2 on each end) 3 bead pins.

One gold chain is between the first and second beads of each pin and the second chain is between the fourth bead and the dangling bead except on the two shorter pins where the chain is between beads 1/2 and 2/3.

When laid flat(ish) the collar measures nearly 11". The golden chains are about 13-1/2" and about 16-1/2". The 'clasp' chain consists of 1-8mm bead and 1-6mm bead connected by eye hooks and a J hook on one side; while the other side consists of 1-8mm bead and 6-6mm beads connected by eye hooks. Overall length is about 19-1/2" from end to end and 1-3/4 wide.

The clip-on earrings are traditional button clips with an 11mm bead, 6-6mm beads, 6-links of the chain and some 3mm beads. Earrings are also marked "JAPAN".
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