Dangle Dangle Earrings
Dangle Dangle Earrings
close up of yellow stones
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Absolutely Stunning described these rhinestone earrings. earrings containg 27 rhinestones in three different colors (clear, yellow and aquamarine/blue topaz). They are called Dangle Dangle Earrings because there are two points of dangle. Earrings are 1-1/2" (3.5cm) long and 9/16" (1.5cm)wide.

At the head, there is a large 8mm clear, stud-like round rhinestone firmly attached to the screwback setting with an attached loop (hidden by a small 3mm clear rhinestone) where the first dangle is attached.

The mid-section of the earring starts out with four baguette cut blue rhinestones (5mm x 2mm) set at about a 40degree angle (two on each side). Below 4 blue baguette stones is a 2mm clear rhinestone 'setting atop' two 2mm yellow rhinestones. Below each of these yellow stones are two 'stacked' clear stones (one 2mm, one 1mm). Between the stacked yellow and clear stones is a cutout (marquise shaped) in the setting. Wait, I'm not done yet... On either side (right on the right, left on the left) are 4 round stones (1 yellow, 3 clear) stacked atop each other with the 3mm yellow on top and getting smaller as it goes down to the 4th stone at the bottom at about 1mm. At the base of the v-shape of the outer line of rhinestones is a 4.5mm clear rhinestone.

The second dangle section are really three dangles. Three teardrop shaped light blue rhinestones dangle from the lowest rhinestone, one from the bottom and one from each side.

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