Three Kittens
Three Kittens
White Lego KittyOrange Lego KittyBlack and White Lego KittyLego Label
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Pretty set of three kitties - (1) Dark Marmalade, standing on all fours, (2)White/Light Grey, sitting on his rump, (3)White/Black, sitting on its rump ready to smack one of his siblings. All kats appear to be painted by the same person but only (2) has a label on its bottom marked "Fine Quality Bone China, Lego, Taiwan"
Measurements (1) 2.75" X1.5" (2) 2" x 2" (3) 3" x2". All measurements are accuratly approximate.
Measurements Marmalade 2.75" x 1.5"
Measurements Wh/Grey 2" x 2"
Measurements Wh/Blk 3" x 2"
Inv Control Number BS-4-Box
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