Barber Quarter (1894-O)
Barber Quarter (1894-O)
Reverse of Coina close up of the obverse or fronta close up of the reverse
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The Barber Quarter was struck by the United States Mint from 1892 through 1916 and designed by Mint Engraver Charles Barber. 

In 1894-O just 2.8  million were minted in New Orleans.

This 1894-O coin has not been graded by a professional, appears to be in good to fair condition.

On the Obverse:  Most of the phrase IN GOD WE TRUST and many stars are worn to the rim; Headband is not visible though  lower stars and date very legible.   

On the Reverse:  Most of the text is visible-the letters ED and S are worn along with the tip of the eagle's right wingtip; the stars are in good shape; Rim shows some wear and a small dent on the left side of the coin. Only half of the lower word "DOLLAR" is fully legible.

Please see photos to assess the coin for yourself.
Dimensions: 15/16" Round; In Sleeve: 1-7/8" x 2"
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