Winged Liberty Head Dime (1943)
Winged Liberty Head Dime (1943)
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This 1943 Winged Liberty Head or Mercury Dime is in good condition. Obverse: Lettering is in good shape, although her hair is undefined. Coin shows some age tarnishing. Reverse: Small spot staining, Fasces rods are merging. Overall coloring is good.

The Winged Liberty Head Dime is often referred to as "The Mercury Dime". The Winged Liberty Head Dime was designed by Adolph A. Weinman, who one a 'contest' with the design. Many people believed that this dime design is the most beautiful ever designed. It was minted beginning in 1916 (replacing the Barber Dime) through 1945 (being replaced by the Roosevelt Dime). Obverse: Liberty wearing a winged cap (symbolizing free thought). Reverse: Fasces (often a bundle of birch rods representing unity through strength) standing beside an olive branch. This combination was to symbolize the US's readiness for war but its desire for peace. Made of 90% silver.
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