Franklin Silver Half Dollar (1963)
Franklin Silver Half Dollar (1963)
Reverse of Coin
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Franklin Silver Half Dollar minted in 1963 at the US MInt in Denver, CO. Coin is in nice shape for a circulated coin. May be rated an F-20. There is some blanket discoloration, but the edges and words seem all sharp.

The Franklin Silver Dollar was designed in 1948 by John R Sinnock and began its press run the same year. This dollar should have printed through 1973 but with the assassination of President John F Kennedy, congress passed a bill to have the half dollar redesigned. The obverse (front or heads of the coin) features a profile of Benjamin Franklin (one of the few NON presidents featured on US Money). The reverse side (back or tails of the coin) features the Liberty Bell (complete with crack) and a small eagle. The coin also has a reeded edge.

The Franklin Silver Half is comprised of 90% silver and 10% copper.
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