Precision - A Measure of Progress (1952)
Precision - A Measure of Progress (1952)
first page/inside cover
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Interesting facts and figures about many world aspects including defining "Rule of Thumb", Cubit, & Fathom...Using light rast for measuring...and new methods of measuring for the new atomic & Jet-propelled age. Also includes conversion tables.

8-1/4" x 5-1/4"...64 pages.

Copyright Page: Precision, A Measure of Progress, Department of Public Relations, General Motors, Detroit 2, Michigan, First Printing, Copyright 1952 by General Motors Corporation

This 25+year old booklet is in remarkable condition. There are two thin spots at the top of the cover where the colored layer of paper has been peeled away and some general age spots and one note by a previous owner declaring her love for Dave. The staples are firm but show rust coloration. No pages appear to be damaged other than some slight freckling.
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