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1961 Money Guidebooks1961 Money GuidebooksSeries of books to help teach and guide those interested in learning how to take better care of their money. Excellent condition. 
A Hilltop On the Marne (1916)A Hilltop On the Marne (1916)Letters written during WWI by Mildred Aldrich
Cesare Borgia (1924)
ChooChoo Tales (1949)ChooChoo Tales (1949)Two of the 10 Little Choo Choo Tales HB Books
Christine's Picture Book (1985)Christine's Picture Book (1985)Reproduction of A beautiful Danish book put together by Hans Christian Andersen and Adolph Drewsen for Drewsen's granddaughter Christine Stampe.
Companion Library-Gulliver's Travels/Treasure Island (1963)Companion Library presents Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift in one volume.
Cowper Illustrated (1854)Cowper Illustrated (1854)Cowper Illustrated by a Series of Views in or Near the Park of Weston-Underwood, Buckinghamshire
Handicraft Guide...(no date)Handicraft Guide...(no date)5 booklets, 4 titles printed for the use of US Armed Forces.
Pictorial History of the Talkies, A (1958)A great resource for the history of early films.
Precision - A Measure of Progress (1952)Precision - A Measure of Progress (1952)64 page softcover booklet published by General Motors
Sperry Cook Book (1985)Sperry Cook Book (1985)
Story of Crisco, The (1914)Story of Crisco, The (1914)
Suds in Your Eye (1944)Suds in Your Eye  (1944)By Mary Lasswell, Printed March 1944. Good Condition
That Printer of Udell's (1903)That Printer of Udell's (1903)
HandMeDown Thoughts