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Sperry Cook Book (1985)
Sperry Cook Book (1985)
Inside cover/Fly
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This great cookbook was issued by the 1985 employees of Sperry (computer) Corporation. The pink front cover features a doodle drawing of a square computer robot wearing a chef's hat and hold an stirring spoon.

Book contains traditional cooking table of contents including Appetizers, Meats and Casseroles and Cookies, Bars and Candy. You can also learn about canning, freezing and preserving all of the items that you are growing in your garden. There is a small "Microwave" section, microwaves were just becoming the thing to have in your average kitchen. Not only are their recipes recipe substitutions, but the guys and gals of Sperry offer gardening/houseplant tips, furniture hints, miscellaneous hints and weights & measure equivalents.

Book as some wear/water staining on the front top and the upper back is somewhat bumped.
Sperry has also been known by the names: Univac, Sperry Univac, Sperry Rand, Unisys. Companies incorporated by mergers & acquisitions include: Burroughs, Rand-Kardex, Remington, Remington-Rand and several typewriter companies.