Items available from Hand Me Down Haven that feature animal likenesses.
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Basket Kittens and MaMaBasket Kittens and MaMaPorcelain basket with kittens and mother cat
Cacciapuoti ElephantCacciapuoti ElephantItalian Ceramic Elephant Named and Signed by the Creator
Cast Iron KittyCast Iron KittyCast Iron Laying Kitty Sat on our Fireplace Keeping Watch Over All!
Conestoga WagonConestoga WagonConestoga Wagon or Prairie Schooner Souvenir from Fort William Henry, Lake George NY
Earring Tree - LionEarring Tree - LionLion shaped earring tree holds 56 earrings (or more if you can share a hole).
Flambro KittiesFlambro Kitties
Hi Stranger S&P ShakerHi Stranger S&P ShakerDachshund Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Josef, Sleeping KittyJosef, Sleeping KittySleeping Kitty is a Josef Originals Porcelain Knicknack
Kelvin's Ceramic HorseKelvin's Ceramic HorseKelvin's Ceramic Horse
Kittens Playing FigurineKittens Playing FigurineFigurine made by United Designs in Stone Critters line is of Siamese Kittens playing
Lefton Kitty Music BoxLefton Kitty Music BoxKitty Kat Music Box plays the theme from "CATS"
Love Birds PinLove Birds PinRed eyed love birds on a branch
Pair of SiamesePair of SiamesePair of Prissy Siamese Cats
Poodle PlanterPoodle PlanterWhite Poodle created by Lefton of Japan. Beautiful piece.
Rubber Siamese Mama and BabiesRubber Siamese Mama and BabiesMama Watching Over the Playing Babies
Sandy KittySandy KittySleeping Siamese made of compressed sand
Siamese KittenSiamese Kitten
Siamese Kitten SetSiamese Kitten SetMom and Kittens Playing
Three KittensThree KittensSet of mixed breed kittens
TipToe CatTipToe CatKitty Tip Toes Every Where He Goes
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